Custom Concrete

We are a custom order shop. We’ll take your ideas and work with you to form them into “one of a kind” concrete elements. Production times are usually 3-4 weeks.

Pricing & Orders

Concrete elements are priced on a cost per square foot or lineal foot, with variances for volume, unique design, special form requirements or custom

We will give a free estimate of the project from a drawing. If acceptable, we then ask for a 25% deposit. This gets you into our
production schedule and starts the final design consulting process.

Our prices may include preparing an on-site template, delivery and installation.

Custom Colour

We offer an variety of colour tones and finishes to choose from. We have sample concrete colour blocks available to help you. Contact our sales team or visit our shop for assistance.

If you have a specific colour or effect in mind, send us an image or some references. We can custom mix our concrete to match most combinations. We charge a fee of $300 for custom colour matching.

Surface Aesthetics

We offer a variety of finishes.

Vineyard – a varied and irregular finish with contrasting accent colours selected against the base colour.

Hand-packed – Dry concrete hand pressed into forms creates an aged look similar to natural stone. The voids may be filled to produce an alternate look.

Smooth – A consistent and smooth appearance with radius edges.

Ground – Hand grinding reveals a varied aggregate.


We apply various sealers to suit the particular setting and use of each element, adjusting for interior or exterior use.

Our countertop sealer is a water based, food friendly, mildew resistant sealer that stands up to the most challenging foods in your kitchen. It is specifically designed for countertop applications, penetrating to protect against water and stains, while providing a hardened layer to resist scratching.

When sealers are applied to older countertop surfaces, they can often provide a “like new” finish.

Shipping & Lead Times

Our production facility is located in Keiowna, British Columbia. We ship direct to residential and commercial sites throughout BC, Alberta and the US. Products are packaged in crates before wrapping to ensure their safe arrival. Orders are generally delivered curb site. When installation is included, the product typically arrives with our crew.

Poured to order pieces are generally shipped within 3- 4 weeks from time of order. If you have special requirements please contact our sales team.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are based on the weight and dimensions of your order and preferred delivery method. We can advise you on the finished weight and size of your shipment, or include shipping costs within our quote.

Sales taxes within Canada are charged according to the province or territory to which we ship. No taxes are applied to shipments outside of Canada, it is the responsibility of the receiving customer to ensure ail appropriate taxes are paid.