Frequently Asked Questions

In wall and surround applications our concrete requires only a light dusting and an occasional wipe with a clean damp cloth. A small amount of neutral cleanser can be used for heavily soiled areas. We also recommend a yearly reseal with a concrete specific penetrating sealer to maintain the sheen and stain resistance.
For floor installations we recommend mopping with a clean damp mop and a very small amount of neutral cleanser to keep the tiles free of dust and dirt. Resealing high traffic areas should be done as needed.
Yes. Concrete is similar to limestone or marble and will stain if exposed to highly acidic or alkali substances, when left in prolonged contact with moisture and if oil or wax is allowed to soak into the surface. Using trays under plants and wiping up food spills right away should keep your concrete free of stains.
Absolutely. Even though the fitting may seem simple enough, a licensed gas fitter should always be used. A final inspection may also be required for your area.
Use warm soapy water dish soap. Never use any sort of abrasive or chemical as this can scratch and etch the stone and remove the sealer.